Turkey Food : Stuffed Cabbage turkish style

Ingredients 2 medium tomatoes, cubed1/2 cup olive oil1/ 2 pound ground beef or lamb2 cups of rice1 medium cabbage, leaves boiled in water6 cloves of garlic, chopped2 long green pepper, chopped1/3 cup chopped parsley1 tsp red pepper paste

Directions 1)Boil the cabbage leaves in water for 20-25 minutes.
2)then mix all other ingredients.
3)take one cabbage leaf, put about 1-2 tbs of rice mix in the middle fold 1/2 inch of two longer side edges towards the middle than roll the cabbage up.
4)In a shallow large saucepan place the stuffed cabbages, folding the loose edge under.
5)pour hot water with salt and pepper, enough to cover all stuffed cabbages
you can serve it hot with fresh lemon juice....turkey recipes

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