Turkish grains foods and breads

On this basis, Turkish food is a little wheat flour dough. In addition, "ekmek" - the usual white bread, "a" - flat bread, "Simit" - sesame seeds rings, "Manti - dumplings, the whole family food consists of a thin sheet of bread known as the" Borek "fall into this Category.

Ekmek, Pide and simit have eaten the same day they are baked, and usually are. On the other hand ekmek for the various dishes are as poultry, or mixed with milk, the neighborhood cats. Manti, pasta dumplings filled with a special mixture of meat, eaten with generous servings of garlic, yogurt and a pinch of melted butter, pepper.

It is clear that the secrecy is still expensive, that the day-Turkish bakers, no other bread tastes as good as Turkish daily bread. One understands that the wonderful luxury Turkish bread, to leave the country. The food is blessed enjoyed in large quantities and respected for all, rich and poor, simple and demanding. Each neighbourhood policy is a bread bakery, this is a golden Crispbread twice daily, morning and afternoon, filling the streets of their irresistible scent and sound.

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