Tarhana Soup recipe

Tradational Tarhana Soup. This Tarhana soup is  a fresh and delicious soup. Well known and popular in all Turkey. Tarhana soup recipe below. You can buy Tarhana also. Tarhana recipe and soup making instructions :

½ cup Tarhana (dry)
1200 grams Water
1½ teaspoons Salt
4 tablespoons Butter or margarine
1½ tablespoons Mint
½ teaspoon Red pepper

Dissolve tarhana in water, add the salt and cook for 10 minutes. Melt butter or margarine, add mint and red pepper and stir a few times and sprinkle over the soup. In some regions of Turkey, while preparing the soup, pre-cooked chickpeas, pre-cooked dried white beans or browned ground meat and green peppers are also added. Tarhana soup recipes.

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