Turkish Kebab Types

Kebabs are very popular and most consumed main meals of people. You can see small and bigs kebabs restourants every city in Turkey. There are more than ten types of kebabs versions, kebab types in Turkey. We will add all Turkish kebabs recipes and cuisines in time. Now i want to share some photos of these different kebabs types. Turkish recipes

This special kebab popular in Turkey, in middle of Turkey, especially Nevsehir ( around capadoccia and urgup). Kebab cooked in earthenware pot for better taste.

Delicious vegetable kebab, this kebab composed from aubergine and meat. Called in Turkish Patlican ( aubergine) kebab

Adana kebab , well know in Turkey -its name come from Adana city

iskender kebab, special delicious meat, yoghurt, butter. Combination of real tastes.


Alinazik kebab. A favorite choice of real kebab lovers and fans. This kebab popular in Antep city of Turkey.

turkish recipes

Turkish Chicken shish kebab. Cheap and light kebab type. Very delicious. Poultry chikens meat is used in this kebab.



Win said...

i am from the Philippines to start with. i learned to love turkish cuisine when i was introduced by a turkish friend to one of the best turkish restaurant named "AL FAROUZ" in Jeddah KSA where i am currently working.i was a bit hesitant at first, but there was a kind of excitement trying new dish. first i ordered adana kebab and i love it very much... best kebab so far...

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