Turkish Shepherd's Salad Recipe

Another delicious turkish salad. This salad is one of the my favorite salads. I really like it too much. Because shepherds salad is deliciosu and light. It has really low collorie. If you want to loss weight you must consume vegetables. I usually prefer the salad with soups and pilavs.  

Salads Ingredients  
2 large tomatoes
1 medium onion (if you like )
3-4 green pepperones 
1 cucumber
1/2 bunch parsley
1/4 bunch fresh mint 
1 lemon juice or vinegar
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
enought salt

first slice the onion and press the onion slices by hand with some salt for bitterness reducing.
Then dice the tomatoes, cucumber and slice  pepperones.
Chop parsley and mint leaves finely. Put all the chopped vegetables in a salad bowl and mix.
Add the lemon juice and olive oil dressing and toss well.  if you dont like lime juice  you can replace the lemon juice with vinegar. Vinegar is healty drink.

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