Turkish Karniyarik recipes

Turkish Karni yarik recipes. Its preparation and recipes. Karni yarik is really delicious meat meal and it has high calorie..

1 pot, 1 skillet
4 beautiful aubergines
average size
300 g of chopped steak
4 beautiful tomatoes
pepper, salt, parsley
1 cup olive oil
100 g of butter
4 green peppers

Cut tail eggplant. Leaving the peel strips of skin 2 cm wide. Prepare the pan, heat the oil. Brown eggplant split on one side. Withdraw them. The store on a serving platter.

Pan rid of the remaining oil. Put butter. Add meat, onions grate after salt and pepper, bring back all for 3 minutes, then grate on the 3 whole tomatoes, cook 3 minutes more. Add parsley.

Place the stuffing in the slot eggplant, very carefully. Set tidy each 1 tomato and 1 green pepper. Cook the units for 15 minutes without cover by adding 2 glasses of water. Serve hot Karni yarik.

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