Turkish menemen recipes

Menemen, esay and very less calori food, It is a pratic, you can make it at breakfast or any time. And the most popular egg dish in Turkey . Try it, and I think you'll like it. Turkish menemen recipes:

1 small Onion (optional) if you like onion
4 Tomatoes
4 Green hot peppers
5 tb olive oil
8 Eggs
Salt, Pepper

Chop the onion finely. Cut a cross in the top of the tomatoes and remove the skins. Then cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Later cut peppers into very small rings. Heat the oil. Sautee the onion until soft, then add peppers and tomatoes and fry for another 2 to 3 minutes. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper . Pour mixture over vegetables. Keep stirring with a fork until set.

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