Yogurt yoghurt soup recipe

A tasty and refreshing tradational Turkish soup. Its called also Yayla corbasi . Very low calorie soup type. By the way it is an instant soup recipe. The soup recipe:
8 1/2 glasses of water
1 beef stock concentrate cubes
1/2 glass rice
1 egg
1 spoon all-purpose flour
2 cups yoghurt
2 spn. olive oil
2 small spn. dried peppermint
red hot pepper and salt

firstly wash the rice in lots of water. Secondly In a pot add stock and rice and boil on medium fire. when your rice is very well cooked thirdly Separately beat the egg and add flour then make sure you blend your flour properly. Add 1/2 cup water and the yogurt. Add to the boiling mixture, set fire to minimum then continue cooking and mixing. When the mixture is to boil, take away it from stove. Afterthat separately fry some hot pepper in olive oil then add peppermint, after a few minutes without over friying drop it with the soup. Good Appettide.

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