Turkish Asure Recipe

Asure is an interesting taste that i have ever, very tradational sweet, popular in turkish people because in some cities neighbours cook asure to send it all friends and neighbours. It'is observance.

sugar, corn starch, wheat, orange peel, raisin, apricot, fig, currant, apple, chick peas, beans, rice, hazelnut, almond, cinnamon, salt, orange and vanilla favours.

Firstly boil the wheat in the pressure cooker between 1 hour to one hour and a half that may depending on the wheat offcourse. It will take much much longer if u boil using normal pan..pressure cooker is the easiest way Secondly add in the milk into the already boiled n softened wheat.
Add in the rice paste then add in sugar and add in water
Add in the chick peas n the white dried beans
Stir everything till they reach to the consistency of an asure (approximately half an hour or so)
12 minutes before u turn off the heat, add in the raisin n the apricot
5 minutes before u turn off the heat then add in the dried fig

suggestion : if you desired you can cook your asure with a mixture of 1 glass of milk and 3 glasses of water. For decorating you can use pomegranate kernels, peeled almonds, walnuts, peanuts, for stuffing and cinnamon. You can also serve warm.

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