Turkish Peasant Soup

Ezogelin soup. very delicious another turkish soup which is well known. This soup can be found 90 % of restaurants in turkey. peasant soupe recipes:
6 Tb. Sp. Red Lentils
2 Tb. Sp. Cracked Wheat
2 Tb. Sp. Rice (plump kind)
3/4 lb. Onion
3/4 lb. Tomato
1 1/2 Tb. Sp. Dry Mint
Salt and Red Hot Pepper to taste
3 Tb. Sp. Butter

For preparing first pick and wash red lentils. Second put red lentils, cracked wheat and rice in a pot. Cover with water at least 4" above them. Gently boil covered until red lentils melt. About 2 hours. Add hot water if needed. In the mean time, grate onion and tomato. Melt butter and fry onions and tomatoes on a medium heat until onions are very light brown and well mixed with tomatoes. Add salt and red pepper for ezogelin soup.

When the soup is cooked , add onion mixture, stir well and continue cooking another 30 minutes on a low heat covered. Stir occasionally. Turn off the heat. Mix dry mint then stir well and serve.

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