turkish cigkofte rawball recipes

cigkofte is very tradational dishe from Turkey, especially area near Urfa and Adiyaman, Very good and very delicious meal. High vegetable sponge fiber and this is good for your large intestine and healty. Recipes below :http://www.turkeyturkishrecipes.com/
3 big onions finely chopped
2 cups smallest bulgur
2 tb. pepper paste
1 cup isot pepper
1 tb. salt
1 bunch of parsley finely chopped
2 tbsp oil
200 gr. walnut

Preparation: turkish recipes
Firstl put chopped onions, pepper paste, oil, walnut and Bulgur in a deep and wide open dish. Knead it for about 1.5 hours. Second keep kneading to make the Bulgur soft. Then get some piece and give it a shape you see in the picture. The crashed red pepper that we use in makes raw beef cook. Especially, when you knead it almost for 2 hours, it is east to eat.http://www.turkeyturkishrecipes.com/

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