Egg must be preserved carefully at each step from its prodution to consumption. Unless, there can arise many microbiological problems. EGGY as well as being healthy and having good quality, is produced and preserved at ideal conditions. EGGY is produced naturally and contains no chemicals. Once you buy the egg you also need to preserve the egg at right conditions. Here are some special hints for eggs.

egg must be kept away from direct sunlight. egg goes bad immediately under UVA and UVB rays.
egg must keep awy from dirt and dust because microorganism can penetrate into the egg from pores of the shell. After you buy the egg you should preserve it in the refrigator. Egg may keep fresh for two months in the refrigator. Egg must not be washed before putting into the refrigator. Washing removes the natural protective layer. Inside the refrigator egg must not be close to those foods with strong odous like cheese, onion and fish. Such strong smells can be absorbed by the egg frın the pores. Some salt must be added to water when boiling the egg. Boiling should not exceed 10 minutes . After 10 minutes egg looses its nutritional richness.
Nutrition facts: Energy (kcal) 75 Protein 6.25 Colesterol 213 B6 vitamine, B12, Vitamine A, Vitamine E, vitamine D, calcium, iron, magnesium, cooper, zing, sodium, manganese.

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