Kemal Pasha Desert recipes

Kemal Pasha Desert is a tradational and famous taste.. it is very nice shape and type. its recipes are easy as other turkish desserts.. just check this out:

Ingredients Measure Amount
Sugar 1 2/3 cup 300 gr
Water 2 cup 400 gr
Lemon juice 2 teaspoon 10 gr
Flour 1 2/3 cup 180 gr
Carbonate 1/2 teaspoon 1 gr
Egg 2 piece 100 gr
Margarine 5 tablespoon 50 gr
White cheese (unsalted) 5 matchbox 150 gr


Prepare syrup and set aside. Sift flour with soda in a bowl reserving 2 tablespoons. Make a hole in center. Add sieved cheese, softened margarine reserving 1 tablespoon, and eggs, blending thoroughly. Knead for 3-4 minutes to make a smooth and soft dough. Divide into 18 pieces. Shape into balls with slightly floured hands. Arrange on a greased baking pan. Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes or until golden. Remove from oven. Drop into syrup and simmer for 15 minutes. Cool and serve.turkish recipes

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Anonymous said...

ummmm i had a really had a hard time for this because where does it say to put what temperature on the oven on. to me it was very fustrating. if you made the recipe simpler other than that it was a good recipe.