tarator salad recipes

tarator salad recipes, turkish salad recipes..

1 glass shelled walnuts
1/3 glass sesame oil
1/3 glass lemon juice
40 gr. garlic ( 2 medium size heads of garlic )
2 bunches parsley
1 teaspoon salt

Preparation :
Put the shelled walnuts (cleaned and peeled), 2 complete heads of garlic (cleaned) and the salt into a mortar and pound well. Watch creafully to see that walnut oil is not secreted.
Mix the sesame oil and lemon juice well in a bowl. Add the walnuts and the garlic to the bowl and continue blending. Chop the parsley and add it to the bowl. Your tarator is now ready for serving. Serve in a deep dish. (If tarator is going to be served as a garnish, the amount of parsley may be reduced to half a bunch or omitted altogether.)

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