turkish kisir recipe

Turksih Kisir recipe with bulgur..

* 2 cups of bulgur (fie or medium fine type)
* 5-6 scallions chopped
* 1 tomato chopped
* 1 green peper chopped
* 1 cucumber chopped (I know I didn't put any last Saturday but you may)
* 1 lemon juice
* 2-3 Tbs red pepper (sweet) or tomato paste
* 2 tsp cumin
* salt, blackpepper, red pepper to taste

Cover the bulgur with boiling water, set it aside. The water and the bulgur should be at the same level. While you're busy with chopping all the veggies the bulgur absorbs the water. Mix the paste and the spices thoroghly. After that just add the veggies. You can use lemon and vegetable/olive oil as dressing.

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