Turkish Cuisine

Aside from the plethora of cultures in which Turkey is renowned of, it can also take pride of its rich culinary inheritance. Turkish food is regarded as one of the world's great cuisine along with Chinese and French cuisines. The tourists who are travelling to Turkey are lucky to discover not only her natural beauties, historical and archeological sites but also savor her food heritage as well.

History states that it was during the height of the Ottoman Empire’s reign when the formula of Turkish cooking extended into Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Inner Asia. Over the centuries, Turkish cooking and ingredients spread throughout the Middle East. Some of the greatest influence from Turkish cuisine includes yogurt salads, fish in olive oil, stuffed vegetables, and honeyed desserts. This is why to eating Turkish food can be equated to dining on centuries old recipes which are refined though time.

In addition to being a refined outcome of centuries of practice, Turkish cuisine is of pure quality. The beauty of Turkish cooking lies in its affordable recipes, use of ingredients which are easily identifiable and can be acquired fresh, and the ease of cooking techniques used. The simplicity of the recipes along with the use of quality ingredients guarantees the production of delicious and healthy meals. The dishes are also presented simply with no excessive decorations, but they look delectable nonetheless.

Turkish cuisine has lots of specialties and variations. When dining in restaurants, ask for the region’s specialties, and you will not be disappointed. Take for example Adana in Southern Turkey, it is well-known for "Adana kebab"—a spiced minced meat. Kebabs are dishes of plain or marinated meat and are either stewed or grilled. Istanbul is known for its appetizing "midye" or pilaf stuffed mussel meze. Mezes are appetizers used mainly to stimulate the desire for food before the meal proper. In the Black Sea region, they have a palatable dish of rice and small fish called "Hamsili pilav". "Pilav" is a rice dish which is not easy for to prepare for an inexperienced cook. Turkish sweets such as "sutlac", "helva", "kazandibi" and "asure" are also famous all over the world, but the best-known are "baklava" and "kadayif" pastries. Most of these luscious sweets have milk as the essential ingredient.

If you are interested in ethnic foods that are both healthy and delicious, come and try the Turkish Cuisine.

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