Corn Salad

First boil the dried ickers in a pressure cooker then slice the onions into half circles, secondly slice just the green sides of the green onion.

Then dice the red bell pepper and put the boiled ickers, diced red bell pepper, green onion and onion into a bowl.

After that add canned tuna fish, crushed red pepper and salt on it. Mix all the ingredients gently, without mashing them during the mixing.

soujouk with eggs recipe

Classical turkish breakfast recipe is sucuklu yumurta or soujouk with eggs. igredients:
8 - 8.8 ounces Soujouk - remove its skin offcourse
4 eggs
1 tbsp butter
some salt
Crushed red pepper

1)Slice the soujouk as circles
2) The butter on the frying pan and melt
3)cooking both sizes of the soujouk slices and break the eggs on it.
4)take it from the stove when you want

Serve hot.

Pasta Salad Recipe

One of the most common and easy to make salads is the pasta salad. You will need a pound of wheat pasta, mustard sauce, beacon, eggs, onions, peas, mayonnaise, parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper and dash paprika. You can start off by hard boiling the eggs and cooking the pasta along with the beacon. After everything is cooled you should chop the beacon and eggs and add it to the pasta. You can then add the mayonnaise, and the mustard sauce. Dash a little olive oil, paprika and parsley leaves. It is best if you an serve this salad cold. You can add dollops of the sauce if the dish is too dry.

Macaroni Salad recipe

This is an excellent treat for both adults and children. Macaroni serves as amazing appetizer and it can be relished during the summer and winter months. The ingredients required for this dish are a pound of macaroni (boiled and rinsed) onions, celery stalks and cherry tomatoes. The dish is extremely easy to prepare as all you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and add a dash of olive oil and some mozzarella cheese to it for the timeless taste. The dish can be stuffed in sandwiches or you can just eat it as an appetizer.

Caesar Salad recipe

One of the most accepted and favorite salad for both children and adults. All you need is a magnanimous helping of lettuce leaves. To be precise you need eight cups of lettuce leaves, half a cup of Caesar dressing, 2 cups crouton and olive oil. You have to mix the Caesar dressing and the lettuce leaves till they are varnished with the same. You can then add the croutons and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. This is quick recipe and can be prepared in a jiffy. It is a very delicious dish and a very refreshing way to greet the guests as well. It is an excellent appetizer.

Bell Pepper salad

This is an extremely juicy and colorful salad that will attract all the attention on the table. The ingredients for this salad are red and green peppers (two pieces), olive oil, minced onion and garlic, two pieces ripe tomatoes, vinegar, salt and pepper. Place the peppers in a broiler to evenly char them. Peel and dice the peppers. You can heat the olive oil and sauté the garlic and onion. Add tomato and the other ingredients till it is nice and cooked. You can then add the peppers on top and serve it then or you can even cool and then serve.

Beet salad recipe

Both children and adults are not very fond of beet but you can surely make them eat this rich veggie in the form of salad. Beet salad is very easy to make and the ingredients required are four beets, half a cup onions (minced), olive oil, vinegar, sugar and mustard. You can start by baking the beet until it is tender. You can then grate them and mix it with onion. The remaining ingredients should be mixed and served at room temperature. It is a quick and a tasty dish and all those who do not like beet may start liking it after eating this salad.